Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Vidhi Info Solutions provides a variety of solutions that enable organizations to train and assess the skills of their employees scattered across different branches and locations in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Our employee training solutions comprise various modules E- tutorials. The solution can be a combination of modules or any single module, tailored to suit the requirements of individual organizations. The solutions developed by Vidhi Info Solutions, can be used by employees for self- paced learning or can be used by instructors as a supplement to their traditional means of teaching.




The benefits that our employee training software solutions provide to both organizations as well as employees are as follows:


Does away with the lengthy, time consuming and costly process of hiring Instructors and organizing training sessions for their employees.


Quick and efficient means to instruct new employees with instant access to tutorials and training modules.


Assessment tools enable organizations to evaluate and analyze the skills and performance of the employees. Reporting tools enable easy generation of graphs, reports etc for analytical purposes.


Real time situations can be simulated thereby providing better understanding to the employees.


The information imparted to the employees is uniform as it is not dependent on the instructor’s understanding of the concepts.




The features of our training and assessments solutions include: Web Based Tutorials Our employee training software development solutions are robust web enabled applications that enable organizations to create and post training sessions online. Solution administrators can upload content, discourses, video clippings, graphics etc to create a training module. Only authorized employees can access the training modules posted by the administrator

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