Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Vidhi Info Solution's skills and expertise in developing and customizing a wide variety of Content Management Systems have led us to become one of the leading providers for CMS solutions.

The CMS based solution can be integrated with existing applications such as shopping carts and discussion boards etc, in order to facilitate the publishing and sharing of information.


Depending on individual requirements and the complexity of the solution, Vidhi Info Solution offers the following modes of development:




Vidhi Info Solution helps clients to implement solutions by integrating and customizing various CMS packages to suit individual client requirements. A wide array of open source packages are available that offer functionalities and features for CMS solutions. Off the shelf products can be easily customized to suit business requirements thereby lowering development time and leading to higher cost effectiveness.

Vidhi Info Solution possesses the required skills and expertise in customizing and integrating open source content management systems to develop simple web sites as well as complex web applications. We provide the following services within the spectrum of open source CMS applications:


Installation: Vidhi Info Solution provides assistance to clients in integrating and installing the basic setup of various CMS products on their server. Open source CMS products are completely database driven and have fully customizable layouts and sections.


Off- the- Shelf Templates:


We possess a library of templates that can be customized and implemented on the client’s sites. The templates have been designed by Vidhi Info Solution as per the product specifications for templates.


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