Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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At Vidhi Info Solutions, our solutions can be customized to suit individual learning experiences according to profile, job requirement, interests, learning styles & learning goals. By putting to use the latest in technology and introducing contemporary and technically sound versions of e- learning solutions, we ensure optimised time and cost management. Vidhi Info Solution delivers e- learning solutions as a blend of computer and communication technologies. E- communication plays a major role in this process, and the solutions developed corresponds with this requirement by incorporating some or the other form of e- communication methods like online chatting, video conferencing, e- mailing etc.


The possibilities of delivering knowledge and information to learners at an accelerated pace has opened a new world for knowledge transfer. Organizations of varying sizes and from various fields are successfully utilizing e- learning solutions to train their employees in a cost and time effective manner. Vidhi Info Solution’s customized e learning solutions enable organizations to conveniently organize training sessions for their employees scattered across their various branches.


E-Learning is proving to be a boon to the educational system. Students get opportunities to join various online courses by appearing for online tests and obtaining results on a similar platform. Vidhi Info Solution enables institutes to reach out to more students and provides them with a means to supplement their traditional means of instruction.


Our E-Learning solutions provides organizations, employees and students with a platform to share knowledge and interact online. Depending on the requirements of individual organizations or educational institutes, Vidhi Info Solution’s e- learning solutions can be categorized as:


Synchronous: Instructors and students interact in real time through chat rooms and video streaming. Students can pose queries and get instant responses, assignments are submitted and assessed in real- time.


Asynchronous: Solutions developed under this category enables students to access prepackaged training at their convenience and pace while communicating with instructors or other students through e- mail.


Blended E-Learning: It is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Solutions developed under this category require human intervention together with distance learning programs.