Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Vidhi Info Solution's e-learning solutions have been deployed by several institutions and organizations to facilitate them in providing proactive education & training to a large number of people. Our extensive knowledge in the education and e-learning domain enables Vidhi Info Solution to build and develop a wide range of solutions that help the education industry in utilizing the power of the Internet and technology to their advantage.


The healthcare industry is faced with immense pressure to reduce cost of clinical and administrative service and at the same time provide better and improved services to their patients and customers. At Vidhi Info Solution, we deliver solutions that enable organizations to streamline their healthcare processes resulting in improved efficiency.


Vidhi Info Solution has a proven track record in the development and deployment of customized solutions for the retail industry. We have implemented a wide variety of solutions for both medium as well as large scale retail companies ranging from the development of complete e-tailing models (transaction based, e-commerce sites) to modular application based development and deployment of solutions.


The benefits of online services and their comparatively low costs are forcing travel service providers to look towards the Internet as a means of achieving their goals. Vidhi Info Solution helps build comprehensive and robust web enabled solutions that are customized to the needs of individual customers; turnkey solutions for travel agencies and intermediaries, airlines, hotels and transportation companies. Our tailor-made solutions help travel companies in reducing operational costs, increasing operational efficiency and build long lasting relationships with customers.


In today's highly competitive market, manufacturers' ability to retain and increase business depends on how well they contain costs, improve operating efficiencies, and reduce time-to-market for new products. We leverage proven methodologies and cost-cutting measures that provide manufacturing enterprises the best business results for their technology investments.