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About Us.
Enterprise Planning.

Assessment and Training


Vidhi Info Solution provides a variety of solutions that enable organizations to train and assess the skills of their employees scattered across different branches and locations in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Content Management System


Vidhi Info Solution's skills and expertise in developing and customizing a wide variety of Content Management Systems have led us to become one of the leading providers for CMS solutions.


E- Learning


At Vidhi Info Solution, our solutions can be customized to suit individual learning experiences according to profile, job requirement, interests, learning styles & learning goals. By putting to use the latest in technology and introducing contemporary and technically sound versions of e- learning solutions, we ensure optimised time and cost management. Vidhi Info Solution delivers e- learning solutions as a blend of computer and communication technologies. E- communication plays a major role in this process, and the solutions developed corresponds with this requirement by incorporating some or the other form of e- communication methods like online chatting, video conferencing, e- mailing etc.


Web Application Development


Web based application development refers to the implementation of software that can be accessed with a platform independent web- browser as the singular application interface, and encompasses both Business- to- Business (B2B), and Business- to- Customer (B2C) solutions. Web enabled software can be globally accessible (internet) or locally deployed (intranet). Vidhi Info Solution is a leading professional web site design and development company in India. Our expertise and experience with web enabled software development spans multiple technologies and verticals and helps us deliver quality offshore web site development services