Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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.Net Framework
One of Vidhi Info Solution's core focus in terms of applying technology is the Microsoft .net framework. Because of the abundance of skilled resources on the Microsoft platform, our pricing structures are kept extremely competitive, ensuring that our customers receive a best-of-the-breed solution for comparatively lower development and implementation costs.


Linux and Open Source
In many instances delivery of web enabled software solutions are based on faster turnaround times, and requiring multiple integrative tasks. In situations where much of overall functionality can be encompassed by deploying off-the-shelf applications that are available free-of-cost or at extremely low prices. Typically, a decision to develop an application on open source technologies is considered to be a most prudent one when a substantial chunk of functionality within the solution requirements can be implemented by purchasing low-priced products and going on to customizing them to suit an individual customer's requirements - an aspect that Vidhi Info Solution has demonstrated capabilities in.


Java Platform
Applications developed on the Java platform bring with them, their own set of advantages. Java applications can be downloadable programs that are remain secure and ensure ease of distribution. The Java native language is quite like C++, eliminating the need for a renewed learning curve for developers already proficient in the language. By deploying inherent Java based features such as the Abstract Window Toolkit and native facilities to showcase windows application, Vidhi Info Solution ensures a superior delivery standard for Java based applications.


Vidhi Info Solution's delivery capabilities with Oracle extend towards the following functional areas: Oracle Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Forms & Reports, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Database Administration


Other Technology Areas
In addition to the Microsoft .net framework, Open Source technologies based on Linux, Oracle Applications and associated delivery capabilities, Vidhi Info Solution also has demonstrated capabilities to quickly scale up towards specific technology oriented requirements even if these technologies have not been deployed by us in the past. A sound HR practice ensures a quick learning curve that result in faster deployments of varying technologies.